Upcoming Trips For 2021 &
Past  Outings

Return To Eliburn

August 2020

The Session
After the last disappointing trip to Eliburn, the team have decided on a return visit. Hopefully the weather will be better and the conditions are a bit more favourable.
The guys are going to tackle up with swimfeeders and if the winds going the right way will be fishing deeper water at the dam wall. Bait will be a mixture of maggots, worms, corn and pellets with ground bait possibly fished on cage feeders. The target fish species will be smaller fish such as Bream, Roach and Rudd but who knows? There's always the chance of Carp.

The team have decided to take a trip out to Magiscroft fishery to see what's on offer. We've never fished here previously so hoping for a successful trip where we all catch and Lewis can bag his first fish. We'll more than likely float fish but may give the swim feeders a try. Hook baits we'll be using will be maggots, pellets and sweetcorn over a bed of hempseed, pellets and crumb groundbait to attract fish into the area.

Floats For Magiscroft

Planned For September 2020