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Our Angling Club


Our fishing club is a family affair made up of two brothers (Bryan and Alan) plus Alan's son (Lewis). We love to get out and about, we enjoy being on the banks and we like to catch fish. We try to catch all available species of coarse fish, the bigger, the better. Bryan has been fishing for almost 50 years and would like to pass on his angling knowledge to his brother and nephew.

As Bryan says "Nobody lives forever. When I'm dead and buried I would like to think the guys carry on fishing and get as much enjoyment out of it as I have. It's the major interest in my life and I wouldn't change it ever. There's nothing better than hooking into a fish and the realisation that it may be a monster. It certainly gets the heart going. When the guys eventually catch a biggie they'll know what I'm talking about and that'll be them hooked on fishing".