The Three Member Angling Club

THE SACCS Fishing Team

First formed in 2010, the SACCS (Sighthill Angling Club Coarse Section) are a small family of anglers based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our angling skills range from experienced angler to complete learner and we love fishing. We mostly confine our fishing trips to central Scotland but sometimes venture to the north of Scotland and further south to the Scottish borders. Our local venue is Eliburn reservoir but we also like exploring for new waters we've not fished before. 

The fish we aim to catch are mostly coarse fish with the bigger coarse species  anywhere in size up to around the 30Lb mark. Our intrepid trio use all legal methods available and are not afraid to experiment with different tactics/baits even if it means we don't catch. There's the old saying "You'll never know unless you give it a try" and even if we're not catching we just love being at the waterside fishing in tranquil, beautiful surroundings.

Bryan Laidlaw


The Fisherman

A seasoned campaigner with almost 50 years angling experience, he has fished throughout the UK with some impressive specimens to date. His main targets are Carp and Pike. He also does a lot of fly fishing for Trout.

Alan Laidlaw


The Cooking Guy

Equally at home with a fishing rod or a frying pan, Alan has 15 years limited experience of angling but is keen and willing to learn more. When he's not cooking he can be found casting a float or targeting feeding fish.

Lewis Laidlaw


Mini Magman

There's nothing this lad doesn't know about maggots. As yet to break his fish catching duck, he's only learning and his day will come. Keep at it magman. That next cast could tempt a monster.

Recent SACCS Match Information

Venue - Eliburn Coarse Fishery
Sunday 21st June 2020

The clubs recent match, hosted at Eliburn in Livingston, turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Conditions were against the team from the start with torrential downpours, strong winds and a large weed growth hampering fishing activity. The club fished on but alas a 10 hour session ended with 1 fish caught and a couple of missed opportunities.

Not to be disheartened, the guys are planning a return visit when hopefully conditions are more favourable and the fish are feeding.

Coarse Species We Fish For


The largest of our target species, hard fighting Scottish Carp weigh anything from a few pounds to around 30Lb and can be caught on a large variety of baits.



Bream can now be found in most Scottish coarse fisheries. A shoal fish, they can be kept feeding in the swim with a good amount of frequent ground baiting.



Roach are a pretty fish best fished for with light tackle, small hooks, small baits and a delicate presentation. They can often be found in shoals alongside Bream.



The stripey Perch is an obliging fish and can be found in most coarse venues in Scotland. They love worms and usually when you catch one you can catch a few.



Similar in appearance to the Roach but more of a golden bronze colouring with orange fins. Best fished for with light tackle, small hooks, small baits and a delicate presentation.



Tench are hard fighting fish who like weedy areas and lily pads. Small streams of bubbles in the swim can often be a sign Tench are grubbing about the bottom looking for food.



Not a common species in Scotland but there are Chub in some still water coarse fisheries. Eliburn has some nice Chub in it. These are fish which have been stocked by West Lothian Coarse anglers.



The Barbel likes fast, well oxygenated water but again are not common in Scotland. Rumour has it there are Barbel in the river Clyde and there have been reports of Barbel up to 9Lb.


Competition Leader Board

Last Updated - Sunday 30th May 2021

The competition is the number of fish caught over a season with the leader board being updated after each outing. At the end of the season the winning member will receive a trophy and a cash sum of £20 from each member.

Good luck and tight lines to all members.

Member Fish Caught
Bryan Laidlaw 6
Alan Laidlaw 0
Lewis Laidlaw 0